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Keith Butler Ministries Partner Care begins in the KBM Activity Center and is an integral part of the mission of Keith Butler Ministries.    Our main focus and purpose is taking care of our valuable partners.  As our partners contribute generously of their financial resources and prayers to enable Bishop Butler to fulfill the vision God has given him to reach this world with the Gospel, we in turn provide our partners with spiritual resources to strengthen their faith and their walk with the Lord and this is accomplished with a staff of two and some amazing volunteers.


  • Over 15,000 prayer calls were made in 2020 to our partners worldwide by our staff and phone volunteers, resulting in many answers to prayer and testimonies.


  • Before Covid hit in March 2020, we also had a team of mailing volunteers who would assemble our bi-monthly CD packets to be mailed to our partner.  We currently send our monthly partner letters electronically which may include special offers or free downloads as a gift to our partners. 

  • We love to celebrate our partners on their birthday and Bishop has made sure our partners receive a birthday card in the mail, which includes a gift card of items they can download for free from our website and a birthday phone call.  If you haven’t received a birthday gift or call yet, that means we may not have your birthday information or have an incorrect phone number or address.  Please take the time to complete the birthday information form on this page so we can make sure you are celebrated on your special day. 


  • Our KBM volunteers are so important to us and we know we couldn’t do what we do without them.  When you sow your time into service to the Lord by praying for others, He makes sure your prayers are answered.


Watch this testimony from one of

our faithful volunteers 


If you have a heart for people and for prayer and would be interested in becoming a KBM prayer phone volunteer, we would love

to have you join our team.




If you are fluent in another language (in addition to English) and would like to volunteer to translate KBM materials or interpreter during KBM events, we would also love your help.


Please complete the volunteer form and we will contact you in that regard.


The KBM Activity Center is open Tuesday through Friday from 9AM to 7PM Eastern Time (USA).  Partners, if you need prayer or we can assist you in any way just give us a call at

+1 248 353 3476 Ext 256  or email us at

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